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Book Reviews: Why They Matter and Where to Find Them

Publishing your book and promoting it within your field and across several platforms is one thing, but these alone won’t attract many readers. Book evaluations are an essential component in determining the trajectory of a book’s commercial success. They act as a guide that determines whether or not the community of readers and reviewers will recognize the book as legitimate.

In order to gauge the general public’s opinion of your work, a book review is an essential aspect of your book’s journey. When looking for a review of a book, you should prepare yourself for the numerous people’s perspectives that you will encounter. Have an open mind toward constructive criticism and make use of it when appropriate.

Book Review

Book reviews can help you learn more about your readers’ thoughts and sensibilities. What makes them curious, what keeps them reading, and what makes them stop and think about your work? Take the time to read through and make notes on all of the information and critiques you’ve found thus far.

Potential readers can use reviews as a resource to help them decide whether or not to avail themselves of a book. A well-written review may do wonders for the reputation of both your book and yourself as a writer.

Let’s say you’re familiar with reviews of books and are interested in finding more information about where to find them. Here is how and where you can get them.


  1. Utilize customer feedback.
    Get your customers to write reviews on online bookstores. There are books out there whose authors specifically ask readers to rate and review the book. Asking your social media followers to write reviews is another option.
  2. Network
    Ask for honest critiques of your manuscript from people you know and trust. You can find fellow writers who are willing to review your work by joining writing groups on social media.
  3. Book Bloggers
    Seek out the opinions of trained critics who regularly post reviews of books online. Read the reviews that have already been written to see if they fit what you need. If so, contact them in a manner that is respectful yet firm and to the point.


There are trustworthy websites out there that provide book reviews. There is no doubt that these websites provide valuable reviews; however, some of them are free to use, while others need some form of payment.

Below are 7 sites that offer book reviews:

  1. Goodreads
  2. Compulsive Reader
  3. The New York Review of Books
  4. The Rumpus
  5. Barnes & Noble Review
  6. Publisher’s Weekly
  7. Kirkus

Finding individuals to review your book may be simple, but finding the proper ones is much more difficult. Be sure to select the appropriate reviewer, someone who is both upright and moral enough to carry out the task at hand. If you decide to go with a particular website, pay close attention to the specifics of the services they offer and how well they meet your requirements as an author.

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